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Funny Golf Videos

See some of the most hilarious golf videos. From Sergio Garcia throwing clubs, to Tiger Woods cursing, to pros hitting shanks, chunks, pop ups and more, you are sure to get a laugh.


Sergio Garcia unhinged
Tiger Woods top 5 worst golf shots
Tiger Woods top 5 angry meltdowns
Tiger and Phil battle for golf supremacy
Top five shanks by pro golfers
Top 5 Craziest Hairstyles in Golf
Tiger Woods worst golf shot profanity tirade
Tiger Woods almost dies
Tiger Woods spends day at the beach
Funny professional golfer bloopers
Dustin Johnson Top 5 Worst Golf Shots
Henrik Stenson Putts Ball Off Green
Dustin Johnson Hits Chunk Hook
Top 5 Most Annoying Shouts from Golf Fans
Top 5 Worst Golf Shots of All Time
Fans Go Wild Tiger Woods Big Slice
Golfer Rory McIlroy has a Cute Dog
Jason Day Top 5 Worst Shots
Tommy Gainey Hits Bad Shot on Protracer
Hunter Mahan Hits Bad Shot on Protracer
Bubba Watson Top 5 Worst Golf Shots
Top 5 Fat Shots By Professional Golfers
Top 5 F Bombs From Professional Golfers
Tiger Woods Crazy Golf Swing
Professional Golfer Bloopers Presidents Cup Music
Robert Allenby Eats Chunky Tuna
Tiger Woods Heckled
Professional Golfer Fails on Protracer
Top Shanks By Pro Golfers
Top 5 Basketball Stars Turned Golfers
Funny Golf Bloopers from Presidents Cup
Is Kobe Bryant the Next Tiger Woods
Jason Day Skulls Bunker Shot
Sergio Garcia Top 5 Worst Golf Shots
Billy Ray Brown Chunks A Golf Shot
Top 5 Putting Meltdowns in Golf History
Peter Oosterhuis near miss
Jack Nicklaus bites his hand
Nick Faldo misses putt by miles
The Worst Golf Shot of All Time
Michelle Wie Bizarre Putting Stroke 2
Winning car from 1992 Skins Game
Golfer Greg Norman almost falls down
Golfer John Cook and Journey singer Steve Perry
Jack Nicklaus chunks a chip shot
Payne Stewart You the Man
Tiger Woods taunted by Sergio Garcia
Sergio Garcia Hooks it in Water
The Worst Back To Back Golf Shots Ever
Phil Mickelson goes Happy Gilmore
Wayne Gretzky shoots and scores from bunker
Michelle Wie Top 5 Worst Golf Shots
the cars of golf skins game
Sergio Garcia Makes Miracle Chip Shot
Hunter Mahan top 5 worst golf shots
Tiger Woods Infamous Snap Hook 2010 US Open
Tiger Woods Bad Putt
Cheyenne Woods Chunks a Wood
Bubba Watson chunks a wedge
Zach Johnson drills a tree
Phil Mickelson Top 5 Worst Golf Shots
Rory McIlroy Top 5 Worst Golf Shots
Did this pro golfer shank it
Tiger Woods imitates Arnold Palmer
Yao Ming Hitting a Golf Ball
Tiger Woods Breaks His 3 Wood
Olin Browne funny reaction to hole in one
Davis Love swings and misses
Funny Golf Hairy Shot
Sexist golf comment
Michael Jordan Best Slam Dunk Ever
Golf Shorts or Hot Pants
Pro Caddie Gets Confused
Golfer Bernhard Langer Gone Wild
Charley Hull goes Kung Fu after Golf Shot
The Coolest Caddie Ever
Seung-Yul Noh Goes crazy
PGA Golf Pros Blowup Contest
Michelle Wie Curses and Shrieks
Pro Golfer Uses Funny Toy Putter
Rare Hatless Tiger Woods Golf Shot
Tiger Woods Grabs his Private Parts