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Instantly Hit the Ball Longer
Bubba Watson does it. Tiger Woods does it. Jack Nicklaus does it. Now you can, too. In 1 Step to Hitting it Long, learn the secret to the swing that will vastly increase your distance.

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Many years ago I was really struggling with my game, and I was searching desperately to figure out how to fix the issues I was having with my ball striking. I was trying every tip I read about or saw on television, but nothing seemed to work.

A friend of mine told me to seek the help of one of the best instructors in Michigan at the time, a man by the name of John Koch. John was very influential in golf instruction circles primarily because of his advanced use of video. He was one of the first teaching professionals to use slow motion video, on-screen graphics, and comparisons of his students’ swings to the top professionals.

When I went to see John, he started our session by taking video of my swing. Within about 30 seconds, he pinpointed a major flaw that was creating the majority of my swing problems. This single flaw was leading to all sorts of bad shots. Hooks, slices, pulls, and pushes were common, as was the fact that I had lost a significant amount of distance with all of my clubs.

What John told me to do to correct my problem was a complete departure from what I had been doing, so it felt strange at first; but it was exactly what I needed to jolt the bad habits out of my system. Furthermore, John showed me swing sequences of Greg Norman and Jack Nicklaus, and how they made this all-important move that he wanted me to make. This gave me added assurance to commit to this new--if awkward feeling--swing move.

Within just a few swings, it clicked. I “got it,” as they say. We took additional video, and it was amazing to see the transformation in the positions throughout my swing as a result of doing just this one thing.

What John had me do got to the root of the problem I was having. Until then, I had been focusing on fixing the symptoms of my swing woes, not the cause. Occasionally, tackling the symptoms did produce some solid shots, but now, as I addressed the core issue, many of the symptoms naturally went away; plus, I started to regain the distance I had lost. It was as if one change fixed many other problems in my swing.

This change is what I am going to share with you in this book. It is the one thing you need to do in your swing if you want to hit the ball longer and more solid. I hope you will find it beneficial to your game.

Inside 1 Step to Hitting it Long
  • 55 pages
  • 40 illustrations and images of top pros
  • 2 amazing drills
  • 1 swing secret to distance
Bubba Watson swing
Tiger Woods swing

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