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For years, I have been fascinated with the golf swing. I have worked with some of the greatest instructors in the world. I have played alongside the best golfers in history. I have studied the swings of the best players, all in an attempt to gain knowledge about the swing.

Through all of this, I noticed there was one thing all great players had in common in their swings. No matter what grip, stance, tempo, posture, or length of swing they had, they all did this exact same thing in their swing, which put them all in the correct positions so they could swing aggressively at the ball. From these positions, they could play a draw, a fade, or hit it straight.

I came to the conclusion that the only way to hit good shots on a consistent basis was to do the same thing that practically every professional I looked at did. Just as importantly, I knew it would be difficult to play well while swinging any other way.

In 1 Step to Better Golf, you will learn this one key swing characteristic of the top pros, and how to implement it into your swing. This is the one move you need to make in your golf swing before anything else gets attention. I try to not focus on aspects of the swing that are individual. I just want you to be aware of the most common trait among good players’ swings.

To teach this proper swing technique, I will highlight the common swing problems of the majority of golfers. Then, to correct these problems, I will share some amazing drills which will help you ingraine the correct habit. These drills will teach you the proper swing technique in the most simple way possible. I’ll also show you how to video your swing so that you can make sure you are swinging with the correct motion.

The whole swing comes down to this: as long as you have the one aspect in your swing that is common in nearly every professional, you can almost guarantee you’ll play good golf. And as you’ll see, it’s very easy to establish this move.
Inside 1 Step to Better Golf
  • 94 pages
  • 31 illustrations
  • 24 images of top pros
  • 6 amazing drills
  • 1 swing secret
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Tiger Woods downswing

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